[Semibug] Semibug celebrates the holidays

Mike Wayne semibug15 at wayne47.com
Thu Nov 17 15:44:16 EST 2016

Our dictator has decreed that we are meeting at Kona Grill
   30 E Big Beaver Rd.
   Troy, MI 48083
for our December 20, 2016 meeting. Further I did not manage to
duck fast enough so I will be setting up reservations.

Given the date, I'd like to make them VERY early and adjust as
required. So, to that end, if you think you MIGHT attend, please
let me know ASAP. It's easier to reduce to a smaller table than
expand to a larger one.

We are being encouraged to bring our significant others or friends;
this implies that we will actually have to act like social beings
instead of geeking all evening (or at least we will pretend). 

I've told Carol she is going.

Please reply to this email, directly to me is fine or the list if
you wish, if you think you might make it with who all may be
attending. If you are SURE you won't make it, you can tell me that
as well...  I'll post updates and plan to make the initial reservation
early next week.

Does 7 PM (19:00) work for everyone?

   Mike & Carol Wayne

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