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Jeffrey David Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Wed Dec 6 09:38:36 EST 2017

[ Please reply back to me (jeff at nucleus.mi.org) with any changes.  Thank 
you! -- Jeff ]

SemiBUG dinner at Fogo de Chão

    Dinner at 7:00 PM, but Allison and Jeff will get there earlier.Lyft
    and Uber are available if you wish to have alcoholic beverages or do
    not wish to drive.The restaurant is not far from I-75 on the south
    side of Big Beaver Rd. next to the Columbia Center.

    Fogo de Chão, 301 West Big Beaver Road, 48084 | (248) 817-1800

    Attendees for the reservation:

     1. Brian Brodsky
     2. Carol Wayne
     3. Mike Wayne
     4. Guest 1 of Mike Wayne
     5. Guest 2 of Mike Wayne
     6. Michael W. Lucas
     7. Elizabeth Lucas
     8. Allison Anderson
     9. Jeff Marraccini
    10. Cathy
    11. Josh Grosse

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