[Semibug] ubiquiti edge-router Lite

Mike Wayne semibug15 at post.wayne47.com
Mon Dec 17 16:18:14 EST 2018

On Fri, Dec 14, 2018 at 09:31:24PM -0500, Mark Moellering wrote:
> I bought a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-Lite and after many Trials and Tribulations
> [*operator error*] , I got openbsd on it and configured as a Firewall
> This is a replacing PC hardware, which I did to try and save a little
> electricity.
> I have a question for folks, the speed seems slow.  When I run
> speedtest-cli, I don't see anything much over 150Mb.  This is over 1Gb
> Fiber, which I could usually see at least 500Mb from some servers.

I think there is some hardware offloading in those devices but you
won't get it unless you run factory software loads.

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