[Semibug] ubiquiti edge-router Lite

Anthony Cascianelli acascianelli at icloud.com
Mon Dec 17 22:15:02 EST 2018

Why not just stick with the stock Ubiquity firmware?  If it was some other shitty consumer grade hardware I wouldn’t have said anything, but Ubiquity hardware and software is supposed to be pretty good. 

Anthony Cascianelli

> On Dec 17, 2018, at 10:06 PM, Nick Holland <nick at holland-consulting.net> wrote:
>> On 12/14/18 21:31, Mark Moellering wrote:
>> Everyone,
>> I bought a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter-Lite and after many Trials and
>> Tribulations [*operator error*] , I got openbsd on it and configured as
>> a Firewall
>> This is a replacing PC hardware, which I did to try and save a little
>> electricity.
> And power consumption is related to data moving and processing power.
>> I have a question for folks, the speed seems slow.  When I run
>> speedtest-cli, I don't see anything much over 150Mb.  This is over 1Gb
>> Fiber, which I could usually see at least 500Mb from some servers. 
>> Trying to figure out if this is a hardware performance limit
>> The fact that I am trying to run these tests at 9:00 p.m. EST
>> A Configuration Issue.
>> Or a combination of the above.
>> Any suggestions are appreciated.
> first of all, keep in mind HOW BLOOMIN' MUCH 1gb/s bandwidth is.  This
> is not cheap bargain basement bandwidth here.  I used to work for an ISP
> that had 1/5th that bandwidth in our total operations serving something
> like 50,000 people in various ways...and you got that going to your
> house.  And even though that was years ago, our firewalls could kick an
> Edgerouter Lite's butt in almost every regard.
> I'm actually rather amazed that a $100 box can do over 100mbps.
> But ... while moving data, take a look at what the box is doing -- I'm
> guessing you will see a high interrupt and system load.  And, as Mike
> said, there may be some special hw to help pump packets on the thing
> that OpenBSD doesn't utilize.
> Nick.
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