[Semibug] November Meeting

Matt Parnell mrp at parnelleng.com
Tue Nov 13 22:31:25 EST 2018


Did this message get out?  I see Michael is up for November - which I'm totally fine with, as it's probably a lot more useful than what I proposed.  Looking forward to next week's meeting.

I'm just making sure I'm not having trouble sending email to the list (or anyone else for that matter).


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Michael and All,

A while back I mentioned that I spent a week's worth of late nights getting Asterisk + FreePBX up and running on FreeBSD after a disaster recovery.

While there are definitely *easier* ways to get an Asterisk implementation set up, this did allow me to put Samba + Asterisk + DAViCal on one box (with ZFS redundancy) for a small office.

Should I plan on putting together something for the November meeting?  No hard feelings if not.  Also, when is the meeting?

If I do present, I'm ready for (and I expect) feedback!  Would be nice to see if I'm doing it right.


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