[Semibug] Another month, another SemiBUG meeting conflict! Need to move our April 16, 2019 meeting to April 9, 2019

Jeffrey Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Tue Apr 2 12:56:47 EDT 2019

> On Apr 2, 2019, at 12:55 PM, Mike Wayne <semibug15 at post.wayne47.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 01, 2019 at 04:56:06PM -0400, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
>> If our space is available the 9th, then I guess we meet the 9th.
>> I'll be presenting the first run of my jails talk then.
> I'll ask early.
>   Any chance of remote presenting this? I won't be able to make it
>   in person.

We have GoToMeeting available at any of our meetings as long as Michael is OK doing a web meeting (or the current presenter).

Thank you, Mike,


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