[Semibug] topics for next year

Michael W. Lucas mwlucas at michaelwlucas.com
Thu Dec 19 16:29:09 EST 2019

On Mon, Dec 09, 2019 at 10:57:51AM -0500, Amitai Schleier wrote:
> On 15 Oct 2019, at 19:47, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> > We've been discussing topics for next year's presentations. Some do
> > not have speakers. Volunteer, or be voluntold as Nick has been.
> I'll add a possible topic (and am volunteering to present it): notqmail, 
> the collaborative open-source successor to qmail: https://notqmail.org. 
> I'm presenting it at NYCBUG in January, FWIW.
> My availability is limited -- I'm normally in New York, and consulting 
> for a client in SE MI every other week for the next few months -- but 
> that doesn't need to make this topic more important or urgent than the 
> other ones you've got in mind.


Sorry for the delay, I'm working through email backlog.

Be'd be delighted to have you talk on this. Let us know when your
availability overlaps with our meetings (3rd Tuesday of each month)
and we'll shift things around.

Nobody is in a desperate rush to present. Other than me in January, I
think. ;-)


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