[Semibug] topics for next year

Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Wed Oct 16 21:13:30 EDT 2019

On 10/15/19 5:46 PM, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> January, I'll be giving the full SNMP presentation.
> We've been discussing topics for next year's presentations. Some do
> not have speakers. Volunteer, or be voluntold as Nick has been.
> Things we'd like folks to talk on:
> 1) backups 
> 2) booting a new platform
> 3) Nick is talking in March

any suggestions about what?  Got a few re-hashes I could probably
do -- 
* Shell scripting tips.  Got a fair amount of new cool tips and
  at least one that was forgotten on my first presentation.
* rehash my rsync --link-dest backup system.  I could probably
  even show/distribute some actual code.  Or am I already doing
  the backup talk and this is it? :)

Or...new(ish) ideas:
* Always happy to show off an OpenBSD install and upgrade process
  but I'm usually not overly impressed with "look at me install
  an OS!" demos.  Maybe I can make it useful.  Maybe not. Maybe
  a non-Intel platform (though considering time constraints,
  probably have to be sparc64)
* "Nick's a wacko, but some of his system design ideas are worth
  at least hearing" (I would expect this to be highly
> 4) HAMMER2 filesystem compared to other filesystems
> 5) migrating Samba to FreeNAS, by Matt, May (hasn't done it yet, but
>    this gives him a deadline to finish it)
> 6) BSD within a Massive Enterprise, by Mike O'Connor, next summer


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