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Andrew Ruscica andrew at ruscica.com
Thu Oct 24 11:14:28 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

Piping in here after lurking for a number of years.  I came out from Canada
to some of the earliest meetings.
Part 1 is in production at multiple sites. But what makes it more
interesting is combining with some things that I'd like to do in Part 2. It
might form the basis for a talk some time next year.

Summary:  Redundant and distributed BSD based Active Directory

Part 1:

At a site,
- a FreeBSD or OpenBSD based system running Samba4 Active Directory
- a pfSense gateway

Part 2:

At a remote/hosted site:
- A FreeBSD iocage/jail dedicated to the site, running another Samba4
- pfSense providing a vpn between the two sites

The concept here is to provide a non-proprietary alternative to not just
on-premises Windows domain controllers, but services like Azure active
directory which supposedly let you back up/distribute it.
'Open source' Active Directory also seems pretty useful in a non-Microsoft
way.  In my eat-your-own-dogfood environment at my office, Samba4 on
OpenBSD is authenticating users on workstations running OpenSuse Linux.


On Wed, Oct 23, 2019 at 11:28 PM Nick Holland <nick at holland-consulting.net>

> On 2019-10-22 18:57, Michael W. Lucas wrote:
> > On Wed, Oct 16, 2019 at 09:13:30PM -0400, Nick Holland wrote:
> >> any suggestions about what?
> >
> > You have several months to come up with something interesting.
> >
> > This'll teach you to miss meetings.
> >
> > ==ml
> >
> Josh indicated someone (maybe him?) mentioned my rsync --link-dest
> backup system, got some nice additions to that, so I'll do that in
> March.
> Getting me to talk is easy.  The trick is:
>   1) Getting me to talk about something other people care about.
>   2) Getting me to shut up.
> I wouldn't mind rehashing the scripting talk...got a few nifty
> new tricks in that, too.  But I don't think anyone wants this to
> become the Mike and Nick show.
> Nick.
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