[Semibug] Happy New Year! Meeting administravia

Marraccini, Jeffrey jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Fri Jan 10 10:56:08 EST 2020

Happy New Year, SemiBUG!

I have reserved our usual room for the next six months, which is as long as
our system lets me do at a time :-)

Please note that I am positive I will NOT be able to host the May 2020
meeting, but I hope to find another person at Altair that may cover us.  I
am not aware of any other business travel that impacts meetings at this
point but will stay in touch.

My role at Altair has dramatically changed as of Fall last year, and until
our team catches up on organizational things, I haven't been able to attend
other meetings, like Michigan!/usr/group, nor be involved in local
conventions as much as I have been in the past.  That will continue for a
while longer, so I appreciate your patience if there are also any impacts
on SemiBUG, but so far, I do not see any concerns.

Thank you all for helping Mike and all of us with content, this is a super

Have a super weekend,

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