[Semibug] OpenVPN hates ssh

Carl T. Miller carl at carltm.com
Thu May 28 15:33:16 EDT 2020

Yes, try ssh -v, ssh -vv, or ssh -vvv on the client side.  It
will let you know if there are any client-side issues.  If
that doesn't help, check the system logs for messages
from the ssh daemon.  Doing this should at least give
you a hint.


On 5/28/20 2:19 PM, Mike Wayne wrote:
> I'm hoping someone can suggest where I should look to debug this. Here's the
> setup:
>     FreeBSD client---EdgeRouter 1 (OpenVPN version 2.4.0)---FreeBSD server #1 (OpenVPN version 2.4.8)   Fails
>     FreeBSD client------------------------------------------FreeBSD server #1 (via public IP)           Works
>     FreeBSD client---Edgerouter 2 (OpenVPN version 2.3.2)---FreeBSD server #2 (OpenVPN version 2.4.4)   Works
> In all of the above the client is the same.
> The problem is that ssh is timing out after ~55 seconds. Nothing in the
> openVPN logs. The link remains up and running; if I ping, it is not
> interrupted.
> I do not think it's MTU because it happens even with no traffic
> going across the link, just sitting at a shell prompt after login.
> It >feels< like an ssh timeout issue but I can't figure out where I
> should look to start to debug it.
> Any thoughts?
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