[Semibug] Why is Groff not used anymore?

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Sat Aug 21 23:25:38 EDT 2021

Isn't it easier to compose the content in your favorite editor (EMACS, Vi, etc.)
and then do the formatting for printing afterward? Last week a person at HAM-Bug
demonstrated how to make tables with EMACS. It worked like a charm. It seems,
to me, that it's easier to get the content right and then once that is done add in
tokens to create the "pretty printing" as a second step. 

OpenBSD has a Groff package, groff-1.22.4p4.tgz. Is there a reason other than
word processors became customary as to why Groff fell into disuse? I read this
at the GNU Groff page:

"As the most widely deployed implementation of troff in use today, groff holds
an important place in the Unix universe. Frequently and erroneously dismissed 
as a legacy program for formatting Unix manuals (manpages), groff is in fact a 
sophisticated system for producing high-quality typeset material, from business 
correspondence to complex technical reports and plate-ready books."

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