[Semibug] Acceptable upload speeds for server

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Sun Aug 22 20:39:09 EDT 2021


 I tested my OpenBSD laptop for upload and download speeds I got; 

89.25 Mbps download 
91.01 Mbps upload

This was on OpenBSD Generic 6.9
Lenovo T440 Thinkpad
7963 MiB RAM
Intel  i5-4300U (4) @ 2.501 GHz
128 MB SSD Hard Drive

My question: Are the upload and download speeds acceptable for a web
server? I plan to buy a tower web server with a 3.0 GHz processor. I
won't be using my laptop as a server. 

I would serve up mostly photos and *.mov videos. The website would be
statically linked web pages using OpenBSD's httpd webserver.

Any advice would be appreciated

Kind regards,

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