[Semibug] Meeting for 21 Dec and Future Talks

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Mon Dec 20 10:34:22 EST 2021

Hi Folks:

 Tomorrow, 21 December, is our monthly meetup. Here is the link for


The meeting begins at 1900 Detroit, MI time. 

For the new year I have the folowing presentations lined up:

January 2022: Alan Jude will give a talk on The ZFS file system.

February 2022: Susan Hurst, an experienced DB administrator will give
a talk on her new book, "The Left Side of Monday". It is about the
problems in translating customer (and boses) requests into robust

March 2022: Ed Howland, a programmer with 23 years experience, will
give a presentation on Backus-Naur Form and how it can help you in
your programming.
An overview of Backus Naur

Let me know what you think of these topics.  

Kind regards,


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