[Semibug] Router / Routing questions

Mark Moellering markmoellering at psyberation.com
Wed Jan 20 12:11:11 EST 2021


at home, I have a two networks, a wired network, which is on 
and a wireless network on, which is handled by a Linksys 

The network map looks like this

ISP/Outside Internet




Wired Hub / switch  --> Wired Network []


Linksys Wireless Router


Wireless Network []

I want to be able to set firewall rules for specific devices on the 
wireless network.  The Linksys has three modes, NAT, Dynamic Routing 
(RIP) , and Static Routing.  I know NAT doesn't work but should I try to 
set up RIP on the Firewall (OpenBSD based), or just try and use Static 

Any help / thoughts are greatly appreciated.



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