[Semibug] RAID 0 or 1 for OpenBSD

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Thu Jul 8 15:37:58 EDT 2021


 I looked for a RAID 0 or 1 storage solution at CDW
https://www.cdw.com/. The online tech person said that they don't have
any RAID arrays for OpenBSD. I then did $ apropos raid, on my OpenBSD
and looked at the resulting man pages. Some of those controllers seem
really antiquated.
 I want to use RAID to speed up my backups. Should I just use softraid
(man -s 4 softraid)? The raid would be connected to my laptop(s) by
USB. I want to achieve faster backups. My principal laptop has a 2.5
GHz processor.

Kind regards,

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