[Semibug] FYI, Altair HQ is closed through October 2021

Jeffrey David Marraccini jeff at nucleus.mi.org
Tue Jun 29 09:02:38 EDT 2021


I will not be able to host any meetings at Altair any time soon. We are work from home, and as I have left IT (no longer an in-person essential worker) I do not want to abuse their kindness, through October 2021.

I know the Delta COVID-19 variant and continued concerns about vaccination rates mean indoor meetings are still unlikely, but I wanted to let you know of this constraint on my side. 

I am glad to host an outdoor meeting if useful while the weather is good. I have a sheltered porch that has a nice view and easy access to bathrooms, etc. Also glad to help host a virtual meeting. 

Thank you all and be safe,


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