[Semibug] Using Jitsi as both as a client and server

David Billsbrough orlandobsd at riseup.net
Fri May 28 23:24:13 EDT 2021

Hello Jonathan,

While at the beginning of our (GOLUG) group using Jitsi we had a member
build a dedicate Jitsi server we later just used
the "free" one hosted at the previous mentioned link.  I usually just
'cheat' and just use a 'Win7' desktop machine to
'attended' the meeting and THEN 'ssh' into the machine like a VPS server
in the cloud running FreeBSD 12.x to give demonstate
of some project or idea.

Although to prove that I could use "FreeBSD" as a desktop and still use
Jitsu and use the machine being a client.  I have an older
DELL 'P4' era desktop computer that was loaded with FuryBSD and the LXDE
desktop.  All I had to do was to lauch the FireFox
browser and was able to start a Jisi session and have a meeting and
tested a working microphone as I had NO camera.  I still could share
my desktop though.

If this weekend you would like to to start a sample Jitsi session to
test out how it works just mention a time schedule.  The Florida time
is in the EDT time zone.


David Billsbrough - Chuluota, FL
The almost *BSD developer and hardware hacker
web: https://www.orlandobsd.org/

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