[Semibug] EMACS Presentation 21 Sep

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Mon Sep 6 21:01:23 EDT 2021

Hi Guys & Gals:

 Our next SEMI-Bug online meeting will be a presentation on how to use
EMACS. Dante Catalfamo, who is a member of SEMI-Bug, will give the
presentation. I don't have any details on what will be covered.
However Dante has spent several years cultivating his EMACS skills so
I am sure it will be a good tutorial. Dante is a network administrator
for Shopify.

 EMACS is a traditional UNIX editor for ordinary correspondence and
programming. Most shells use EMACS key bindings for command line
editing. In addition, OpenBSD comes with a reduced feature set version
of EMACS called mg. EMACS has "modes" which properly indent for
Python or other programming languages. It also warns you when you have
unbalanced "{" or "(". 

The presentation will be online through Jitsi. It will be on September
21st, at 1900 Troy (Detroit), MI time.

Kind regards,


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