[Semibug] EMACS and Mg presentation in September

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Tue Sep 7 11:01:29 EDT 2021

On Tue, Sep 07, 2021 at 10:13:17AM -0400, Matthew Mangold wrote:
> Will this be streamed through YouTube as suggested on the Jitsi FAQ, or is

No I will use Jitsi only. The reason is Jitsi allows for interactive
participation. I have seen YouTube live events but they are very
awkward. People can only post in chat. Also, to use YouTube you need a
Google account. I don't have one and will not get one. 

Jitsi does have a way to do video capture but it requires using
Dropbox and Dropbox requires certain Linux packages in order to record
videos. I suppose I could install those on my Linux laptop but I am
really not interested in doing so. My main desktop is OpenBSD and
there is no easy way for me to run Linux packages on OpenBSD.

> each viewer required to initiate streams independently via mobile? Usually,
> Id opt to pull-down a stream from my workstation; however, if this isnt
> possible, I may try to route Android through a Roku in order to view on a

I have no idea how to do that and I am not interested in the least.
Just lining up people to give presentations is time consuming enough. I
got rid of my Android phone and use a flip phone so I wouldn't be able
to experiment with the method you describe.

If you or someone wants to post instructions on how to stream the
Jitsi meeting to YouTube by all means go ahead and do it. I usually
post the Jitis link the night before the meeting. If you need more
lead time, then I can send the link to you privately.

Kind regards,


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