[Semibug] Saint Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC) ~ 4 August 2022]

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Thu Aug 4 15:40:46 EDT 2022

Hi Folks:

 SLACC is holding an online meeting if any of you care to join.

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Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Saint Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC) ~ 4 August 2022

              Saint Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC)
               6:00 ~ 9:00 PM (Central Time, USA)

This session will use the following link:

Do NOT separate words in room name, use the no spaces CamelCase format.

To join by phone instead, tap this: +1.512.647.1431,,1368160461#

Looking for a different dial-in number?
See meeting dial-in numbers:

If also dialing-in through a room phone, join without connecting audio:
> https://meet.jit.si/SaintLouisAreaComputerClub#config.startSilent=true

To reduce video bandwidth strain, you could use the following link:

The extant Saint Louis Area Computer Club (SLACC) is the oldest,
longest enduring, continuously meeting personal computer organization
active in the Greater St. Louis Area.

You are invited to attend this next ONLINE session, in lieu of any
regular physical face-to-face meeting. Further instructions below.

* ONLINE Sessions
* NO PHYSICAL MEETINGS until further notice.
* ONLINE session will use JITSI remote video service 4 August 2022.

You do not have to have a microphone and webcamera to participate. You
can just chat, listen and watch using a Chrome based browser.


We will open the remote session by about 6:00 PM, Central Time zone.
Join early to test your microphone, screen, sound and video sharing.

Instead of using a browser, it has been recommended to use the official
Jitsi appimage clients. Reportedly using these clients consistently have
better results, with fewer connectivity, sound or video issues.

Appimage MS Windows, macOS and Linux client releases...

Mobile app clients for Apple or Android...


6:00pm Start testing of controls, hearing, screen sharing and speaking.

During this half hour test period others may be able to help you.

Currently known Firefox compatibility bugs may cause problems for others
already in Jitsi sessions.

Joining without ear buds, earphones or headset may result in a feedback
loop with a builtin laptop microphone. Using at-least earbuds is highly
recommended. Ethernet is always better than WiFi connectivity.

If you do not make the effort and take the time to get your connection
working correctly, you may be very disruptive. Try dropping your
connection and rejoin. That sometimes fixes issues. But, do so slowly,
as granting access to your microphone and camera too quickly is the
current main problem. Also, there are often sound settings in different
browsers that may need to be changed.

6:00pm Join early.

Join early if you want to test your camera, microphone (sound), or
screen sharing. You might be muted on entry.

Moving your mouse pointer to bottom of your display will bring up
selectable controls. Or, you can enter "?" to display a list of all
keyboard shortcuts.

Use letter C on keyboard to toggle Chat room, which will allow you to
set your name.

Use letter M on keyboard to toggle (mute or unMute) your Microphone.

Use letter V on keyboard to toggle your camera Video.

The meeting will be recorded for quality control.

Do NOT remain named as Fellow Jitster. Set your identity to show first
name and last name. Instead of full last name you could just follow
first name with an initial. We prefer that you use your full last name.

If you select three vertical dots (more actions) displayed in lower
right hand corner, select Settings, then under Profile "Set your display
name". You can ignore the "Set your gravatar email block". Assistance
with controls, hearing, screen sharing and speaking ends with start
of the meeting.

6:30pm Start of meeting.

Anybody joining after 6:30pm that experiences issues with controls,
hearing, screen sharing or speaking should only use chat room to ask
questions or make comments.

All might be muted at this point.  You may have to unmute yourself
in order to speak. You can ask questions and make comments in chat room.

Annoying disruptions may cause you to be kicked off the session.


First some simple introductions, administrative minutia, announcements,
and then you can Call For Help during our Questions and Answers period.
Hold you questions until after start of meeting.

Sometimes we may watch a video or have a slide show presentation,
after which there will be general discussions that usually lead to
additional topics.

Sometimes, there can be a live demonstration of a Linux distribution
(distro) installation, updating, changes, features and applications.


We often hold a Linux Workshop when nothing else more interesting comes
up, or when there is no other event or activity scheduled.

The workshop is where we usually configure, examine, fix, install,
repair, and troubleshoot difficult hardware and software configuration
problems for Linux newcomers. Problems with other operating systems and
hardware are also frequently fixed.


    > https://www.sluug.org/        https://slacc.sluug.org/

-- EOF --

-- stan r.

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