[Semibug] Wednesday FreeBSD presentation at SLUUG

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Mon Mar 7 21:36:21 EST 2022

Guys and Gals:

 Deb Goodkin is going to give a presentation on FreeBSD this Wednesday. She is joined by 
Ed Maste, senior director of technology for FreeBSD. Don't miss this. It's going to be good.
Wed 9 March 2022

BASE/tutorial: Chromebook discovery by Robert Citek.
I'll walk through what I've been discovering what works and does not work for me with a Chromebook. This is not a technical deep-dive.

Deb Goodkin,
the head of the FreeBSD foundation.

Resources for installing and running FreeBSD.
the mission of the FreeBSD Foundation.

Deb is an accomplished programmer who has a BS in Computer
Engineering as well as a Masters in Electrical Engineering.
Prior to joining the FreeBSD Foundation she worked as a firmware
engineer and as an application engineer for Maxtor Corporation.
Deb is proficient in FreeBSD systems administration. She
currrently runs FreeBSD 13. You can read an interview with her here:

"Our whole mission is to support the FreeBSD project and the

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