[Semibug] Is a NAT router also a Service Proxy Firewall?

Kyle Willett kyle.d.willett at gmail.com
Thu Sep 22 05:55:32 EDT 2022

Hi Jonathan,

I would say that yes, NAT also serves as a firewall in some sense.  An
agent on the Internet can not access a devices using NAT without port
forwarding so in effect the NAT is serving as a firewall.  For
example, I can not access via SSH my Linux and BSD laptops even if
they are running sshd at home over another computer on the Internet.
This is one of two reasons it is so hard to host your own server at

Also, I will disclaimer this: I just have a masters degree in IT and
am not a network expert nor a BSD expert, nor a Linux expert, so take
what I say with a grain of salt!

Hope that helps,

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