[Semibug] Setting environment variables

Mark Moellering markmoellering at psyberation.com
Wed Aug 9 15:34:42 EDT 2023


I have come across an issue which should be incredibly common, yet I 
have not found a single clear cut answer on it.

I am running dehydrated on a mail server, in a jail.  To run, I need to 
set environment variables.  While I can easily set the variables via the 
command line, I want to be able to run the command via a cronjob, and 
would prefer to have the environment variables set via a script, so I 
don't have to worry about them being unset, if the server or jail get 

I assumed I could just put the commands in a script, and run the script 
but that does not appear to work.  So how do I accomplish this?  I am 
really lost and confused at this point.



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