[Semibug] Upcoming presentations

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Wed Feb 22 14:57:39 EST 2023

Hello Folks: 

 Here is a list of the upcoming presentations at SEMI-Bug:

21 March: Emily Pillmore, CTO of the Haskell foundation, will give a
talk on the Haskell programming language. Ms. Pillmore has been a big
contributtor to Haskell. She is a maintainer for CABAL (Common
Architecture for Building Applications and Libraries)

18 April: Michael Lucas will talk about his new book OpenBSD Mastery:
Filesystems. I bought a copy of this book and I am up to page 92. This
is an excellent study on how to use fdisk, disklabel and newfs. It
covers a lot of details about OpenBSD's FFS (Fast File System).

16 May: Nick Holland will give a talk on how to use OpenBSD's CARP
(Common Address Redundancy Protocol). Nick is a long time user and
contributor to OpenBSD.

 If any of you have requests for presentation topics, then please post
them here to the SEMI-Bug mailing list. I will try and find speakers
to present on those topics.

Kind regards,

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