[Semibug] OpenBSD upgrade issues

Josh Grosse josh at jggimi.net
Mon Jan 2 19:28:18 EST 2023

On Mon, Jan 02, 2023 at 12:15:39PM -0500, Mark Moellering wrote:
> Everyone,
> I am trying to upgrade my Firewall , which is on an Ubiquiti Networks
> Router (octeon)
> I have tried to use sysupgrade but it doesn't seem to boot into the new
> version of the OS (6.6 -> 6.7)
> Am I missing finishing steps or something?  I am really confused as to why
> the upgrade isn't working as expected.  Any and all help is greatly
> appreciated

It appears your upgrade had some sort of hiccup -- it booted the 6.6
kernel instead of the RAMDISK kernel, which should be in your root
directory as /bsd.upgrade.  Boot that, and you may be able to 
continue where you left off.

I'm completely unfamiliar with the Octeon platform so am unable to
provide any architecture-specific guidance.

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