[Semibug] Crazy unix shell prompts

Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Fri Jan 6 17:38:03 EST 2023

On 12/28/22 23:10, Nick Holland wrote:
> I tripped across an idea recently which I'm not sure if
> it is brilliant or evil.  But I kinda like it.
>    export PS1='\n'$(tput setf 7)#$(tput setf 0)'\$\$\$ \u @ \h \w \$\n'
>    export PS2="$(tput setf 7)#$(tput setf 0)>\n"

I like the PS1.  Wasn't really fond of PS2.  I think I fixed

      export PS2=":\r"

Now, the continuation prompt is ':', BUT the cursor is moved back
to the beginning of the line so the next thing you type overwrites
it, removing it from any future copy/paste.

This eliminates the every-other-line-is-a-comment thing.

note: if you have a blank line in your pasting, you end up with
a : in your next copy/paste, which works a bit like a comment in
bash and ksh. But it might be unexpected.  A '#' would work, but
that was too much like a usual shell prompt for my tastes.


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