[Semibug] sshd configuration for Jails questions

Carl T. Miller carl at carltm.com
Thu Jan 26 09:44:32 EST 2023

The best way to manage this is on the DHCP  server.
What you want is a called a reservation and it binds
a MAC address to an IP address.

The details depend on what provides the service.
Typically it will be on a webpage or a configuration

What are you using to provide DHCP?


On 1/25/23 04:52 PM, Mark Moellering wrote:
> Question.  I am configuring a server , the ip address comes from DHCP 
> but I want to run jails, which means restricting the IP Addresses sshd 
> listens on.
> Normally, this is done by IP but I don't know how to do it for DHCP.  
> Will using the hostname work.  for example
> ListenAddress hostname.mydomain.com <http://hostname.mydomain.com>
> Or will that not work?
> I have seen online that some people have cron scripts that look for a 
> change of DHCP IP and then update the sshd_config file and restart 
> sshd but I am hoping to avoid that...
> Of course, I can use a non-standard port but not sure I want that either
> Thanks
> Mark
> P.S. Michael Lucas appears to not have addressed this in his book 
> about Jails  ;-)
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