[Semibug] Great Tutorial on OpenBSD Desktop

Kyle Willett kyle.d.willett at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 22:23:56 EST 2023

Hi Channel is THE BEST youtube channel on OpenBSD in my opinion.  Here
is another one of his videos on full disk encryption for laptops

I ran out and bought a ThinkPad for OpenBSD after this channel (on
sale of course and refurbished) just haven't gotten around to
installing the OS and configuring everything on it because my new Sys
Admin job has kept me super busy and all I do is rest on the weekends
but it is on my to do list.

He used to go by root BSD but now I guess goes by Charlie BSD, great
Channel.  Great shining some light on his awesome channel.  I think he
lives in the Pacific North West would be great to get him on one of
our Tuesday night interviews.  I personally think he would give a good

Here is a great website I've found of OpenBSD desktops and what they
can look like https://deskto.ps/o/openbsd
It is all the time getting cool new setups!

For those who prefer FreeBSD to OpenBSD Robonuggie is a GREAT youtuber
for that BSD.

Hope you all don't mind me sharing this with y'all.

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