[Semibug] OS choice for computer illiterate family members?

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Thu May 18 05:41:05 EDT 2023

On Thu, May 18, 2023 at 12:59:42AM -0500, Kyle Willett wrote:
> So I had meant to ask this question after the talk on Tuesday night but was
> enjoying listening to and learning from everyone else that I failed to
> remember to ask!
> So, I'm sure many of you can relate, being the computer nerd in the family
> means you are tech support for the extended family and their friends.
> Honestly I don't mind it that much and if I can help my family out it feels
> good.
> In 2014 when Windows XP went EOL I with some twisting of the arms got my
> parents each from XP to Xubuntu (Ubuntu Linux LTS with Xfce), I switched my
> computer to Win 7 and FreeBSD dual boot, but I had an uncle who refused to
> upgrade.
 Nick Holland is absolutely right when he says Linux has become a
poor imitation of Microsoft Windows. With things like systemd and
BTRFS Linux has become too complicated. The man pages in Linux are
horrible. sudo is way too complicated. OpenBSD doas is much better.

I urge you to read Ted Unangst's "Features are Faults"

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