[Semibug] OS choice for computer illiterate family members?

Kyle Willett kyle.d.willett at gmail.com
Sat May 20 17:57:32 EDT 2023

Thanks Nick!

Even though OpenBSD is probably more secure when patched than say
ChromeOS Flex, Flex auto updates itself and I don't have to describe
over a phone how to do pkg_add -u and how to become root with doas.  I
already have to do that with my mom on Xubuntu.  So I guess in this
case the less secure option is actually more secure?  His AMD rig
should get patches from Google till at least 2026 judging by their
earliest EOL dates of supported devices on their website.  He has
agreed to let me update the system next time I'm in town in two weeks
so we will see how it goes!

Thanks to everyone who has given me advice!  I really appreciate this
group that is SEMIBUG and the, I'll say it, friends I've made in it
and lessons learned!

Kyle Willett

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