[Semibug] Month;y Presentation on Shell Scripting

Jonathan Drews jondrews at fastmail.com
Mon Nov 20 06:50:17 EST 2023

This Tuesday. November 21, Nick Holland will give a short talk on
Shell Scripting. The presentation will be at 1900 EST. Here is the


I presume this will be on the Korn Shell. This is one of the best
books on learning the Korn Shell:

Kornshell Programming Tutorial by Barry Rosenberg

OpenBSD uses the pdksh which is mostly compatible withe he examples in
this book. "Kornshell Programming Tutorial" is written for AT&T Korn
Shell 88 but pdksh will run most of the examples with a few minor
tweaks. I highly recommend this book. It is very well written.

Kind regards,

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