[Semibug] Tuesday 21 Nov Talk on Shell Scripting

Nick Holland nick at holland-consulting.net
Mon Nov 20 17:57:00 EST 2023

On 11/19/23 16:51, Ron / BCLUG wrote:
> Kyle Willett wrote on 2023-11-19 02:06:
>> Is there any way the slide deck could get shared after the fact or even 
>> better a video of the presentation?
> This is a good idea.
> Here's the link to the slides from his last presentation from January, I
> think:
> https://egoslike.us/semibug/shellscriptingtips.html#slide-0

dang, and here I was thinking, "Who's gonna look there between now and when
I give the talk?" -- that's actually the new one. :D
So much for the surprises about how I update it!

> (Note the horizontal scroll...)

yep.  side-to-side arrow keys work.

> That was a fascinating presentation & discussion!

:) thanks!

I do actually have a desire to make a "Nick's scripting tips" web page
as more of a reference than just a presentation.  Because, well, I refer
to my own presentation from time to time.


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