[Semibug] [BCLUG] GoLUG: Ten Lesser Known HTML Elements You Might Find Handy, 9/6/2023

BCLUG admin at bclug.ca
Sun Sep 3 19:51:53 EDT 2023

Steve Litt wrote on 2023-09-03 11:51:

> On Wednesday, 9/6/2023, at 7:00 PM Eastern Daylight time, GoLUG's
> monthly online meeting features ten lesser known HTML elements you
> might find handy.

I'm looking forward to this, hope I can make it.

Will there be mention of "responsive design" (using CSS media queries)?

They're a lovely way to get a 3-column page to collapse to 2 columns, 
then 1 column as the window size shrinks.  Using minimal code, usually a 
redefinition of a grid-template-columns, grid-area layout, or a 


 > @media( max-width: 600px)
 >  {
 >  flex-direction: column;
 >  }

Also, a really exciting new CSS is the :has() pseudo element.

"Apply this style (i.e. red text) to all <div> that contain an image":

 > div:has(img) {color: red;}

It kinda reverses the cascading direction of Cascading Style Sheets, 
saying to look *backwards* at an img tag for a div tag, then do ... 

The new HTML modal looks interesting too.  So much is changing in this 
space, it's hard to keep up.

Looking forward to your presentation.


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