[nycbug-talk] lists.nycbug.org

G. Rosamond george
Wed Dec 10 22:52:35 EST 2003

->let's definitely move discussions to here... is everyone on 
->the list/getting this?

michael and andreev (who didn't make the meeting) aren't

->I'm going to try to meet with tekserve people tomorrow. Has 
->anyone else initiated contact yet, just so I don't sound dumb 
->as the second person coming in?

i don't think so. . .

->We also have called the director of marketing for 
->McGraw-Hill's tech division. She's going to figure out 
->whether they plan to have a presence there...


->Are we planning on having a presence in the .org pavillion? I 
->certainly wouldn't mind re-launching openlysecure there... 
->anyone know the deal with that?

i guess it's just sharing a table with nyphp and bsdmall.

no official presence. . .although. ..is it too late?  who could plan to
be at the table?  probably too much to deal with. . .


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