[nycbug-talk] bsdcan

G. Rosamond george
Thu Dec 18 12:38:03 EST 2003

ditto on all the points.

i haven't seen anything on their announce list at all. .. and i've been
subscribed for a while now. . .

hopefully we'll hear things soon.


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->> according to maps.yahoo.com, it's 480 miles from brooklyn 
->to ottawa, 
->> seven hours and 23 minutes.
->Heh, it's not easy to get there.  We're looking at a solid 8.5 hours.
->> this cabin facility sounds good, although with a weak
->> canadian dollar to
->> the us dollar, and for convenience, the dorms are enticing. . .
->> spread the word. ..maybe we can get a group discount on a train.
->> hans. . .transportation ideas?
->Well, there are no trains to Ottawa from here - only 
->Montreal. Basically, you have to drive across the 
->Adirondacks.  There is the possibility of taking the training 
->to Montreal (about 8 hours) then possibly using some Canadian 
->transportation.  That said, our best bet is probably to drive 
->it ourselves.
->> ->I am interested.  And the univ has 40 CDN rooms if you are
->> ->willing to split a bathroom.  How far away is it, hours drive?
->40 CDN is hard to beat.  I think we could go with something like that.
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