[nycbug-talk] OpenBSD Temp Job

G. Rosamond george
Sat Dec 27 19:52:48 EST 2003

i'm up for this thomas.

i have mostly freebsd experience on laptops, but lots of openbsd as well
in general.

it's hard to price out right off the bat, but there's nothing outlandish
here for me that you've listed. . .

are you in nyc?

you can call me at 917-968-1900 anytime. . .


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->I'm a BSD newbie with a request which I hope will be 
->appropriate for this list:  
->I need to hire some short-term OpenBSD expertise.  If
->you or anyone you know in the OpenBSD community needs
->some extra cash and fits the below profile, perhaps
->you can forward this message to them.
->Job: Set up software on OpenBSD laptop
->Start: ASAP - Early January
->Duration: 5 - 12 hours, at your convenience
->Qualifications: Know KDE, FVWM well.  Be able to 
->internationalize KDE (or offer internationalized 
->alternatives).  Crypto/security competence a plus.
->Salary: Name it
->I would like to use OpenBSD for my field laptop, but
->with no nix experience it is taking me too long to
->figure out how to install and configure the software. 
->I'm inviting someone with experience running OpenBSD
->for office (email, spreadsheet, etc) purposes to come
->in and install/configure software on my laptop.  The
->specific requirements are listed below.  I'm looking
->for someone who knows this stuff well; I'll look over
->their shoulder taking notes.  I would expect that they
->run OpenBSD currently on one or more of their systems.
->a.  Email.
->Text-based client such as Mutt is fine.  Must be able
->to handle POP/IMAP over SSL and text in Arabic, Farsi,
->Chinese, and Russian.  Import my old messages (mbox
->format) and integrate with PGP/GPG.
->b.  PIM/Office Software
->KOffice is great, but I need to add Arabic, Persian,
->Chinese, and Russian fonts and need to be able to
->store address/calendar information in those languages.
-> Need to be able to print hi-res text in said
->languages, create PDFs with characters from said
->c.  Web Design
->Install web design software that is usable by beginner
->(have used the Macromedia packages, but understand
->they're not available for *nix).  Nothing fancy, just
->optimize images for web display and do basic layout.
->d.  Sound
->I am using a Toshiba Portege 7010CT.  Need to get
->sound functional if possible (maestro2e) -- import and
->export .mp3s to/from cassette tape and/or radio.  May
->involve enabling drivers in kernel or playing with
->e.  fvwm
->Configure the thing so that my windows aren't
->unbearably ugly.
->f.  Crypto
->Configure software to encrypt selected directories. 
->(I am aware that OpenBSD doesn't have the best 
->partion-encryption functionality.)
->g.  Wireless/Modem
->Get Cisco 350 aironet pcmcia card up and running,
->recommend modem card and get PPP functional.
->Name your salary.  I prefer to pay for results as
->opposed to by the hour.  This is a pretty basic job
->but you'll need to work quickly (or cheaply, take your
->pick) and show me what you're doing.  I can meet you
->anywhere in NY or DC or points between.  
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