[nycbug-talk] FW: meeting space

G. Rosamond george
Wed Dec 10 19:05:12 EST 2003

our first official message. . .

wes, that would be great.  if b/w your father and hans we can't get it
done, then we'll deal from there. . .your space should be fine for feb
4. . .


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Um... my father teaches at NYU Stern, but it's tough for him to simply
get us a space -- they're pretty tight on space (and they do night
classes too). What he'll do is talk to some of the full-time profs and
see if anyone is interested in sponsoring it, or if we can hook up with
a campus group, etc. That said, keep pursuing other avenues, this might
take a while/not pan out.

We can use our offices in the meanwhile, until we get space constrained.


> go for it. . .
> i can understand the problems though.
> g
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> ->> but i think the nyu idea is best. . .
> ->>
> ->> we don't have any nyu *students*, but. . .HANS. . .
> ->
> ->They're pretty sticky about it, especially since 9/11.  I've tried 
> ->to get some space for NYPHP and haven't gotten the best of 
> ->responses.  This might, however, be a nice opportunity to try again,

> ->so I'll give it a shot.
> ->
> ->H
> ->

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