[nycbug-talk] New to BSD (dont know which one to get)

Jan Schaumann jschauma
Sun Apr 4 15:10:01 EDT 2004

Scott Robbins <scottro at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> NetBSD.  "Of course it runs NetBSD".  Widest variety of supported
> platforms. If you have some obscure hardware, it might be the best fit.

I'd like to dispute the old myth or what might lead to the notion of
NetBSD only being suitable for ``obscure hardware''.  Many people seem
to say ``Well, you should use NetBSD only if you have to, if you have
i386 you should use FreeBSD''.  Similarly, there's the notion of
``OpenBSD is secure, so if you want security, use OpenBSD''.

I have no experience with either OpenBSD nor FreeBSD, but a fair amount
of experience with NetBSD.  It's of course perfectly suitable for
non-``obscure'' hardware, runs equally well on my IBM T30 laptop as well
as on any i386 desktop as well as on dual-processor high performance
servers etc.  It is secure out of the box, and just like with any other
OS, the security after the first boot depends entirely on the person in
charge of the box.

I can only recommend it.  ``Even'' for i386.


As we all know, reality is a mess.
	Larry Wall
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