[nycbug-talk] FW: NYCBUG & deadly archives

G. Rosamond george
Tue Apr 6 12:21:26 EDT 2004


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>On Tue, 2004-04-06 at 17:33, G. Rosamond wrote:
>> Great to see there's a quick replacement for deadly.org. . .pretty
>> shocking the site is gone, but glad you guys have stepped up to the
>> task.
>Well, what started as a "counter"-joke turns out to be a new 
>> We are also happy to host the deadly archives, but you guys are the
>> logical place for them.
>We're currently mailing back-and-forth with Jose to see if we can get
>the archives and integrate them in our site.
>> If there's anything we can do to assist, please don't hesitate to
>> contact us. . .
>That's a great offer. I'm currently trying to get a basic engine in
>place to serve articles and discussion fora, which can be attached to
>articles. I have already a huge todo list with lots of features. My
>first goal is to have the bare minimum up and running, hopefully
>including the archives of the late deadly.org.
>I guess the best way to help is to send and urge people to send in
>articles so we can get the information stream up and running again. If
>you see errors (typo's, real lingual mistakes, engine hiccups ...)
>please send me an email. And if you have any graphics/design skills
>(which I don't :) ) feel free to propose new CSS sheets, graphical
>elements, ... I've currently used images.google.com to find me a set of
>icons to use around the site (see next update), but I guess those and a
>proper logo would come in handy. I'll probably put this "request for
>graphics" on the site soon.
>For now, I'm just trying to get everything on track. But if I run into
>something specific where you could help me out I'll send you an email;
>thanks again for the offer.
>Christophe VG
>PS I haven't included all CC, I guess you can distribute my reply to he
>right persons 

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