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>I need to get something cleared up in my head because it is driving me 
>nuts. It has to do with the relationship between Mac OS X and BSD.
>For starters, I am an "old" NeXT user. I used NeXTSTEP 3.x and 
>4.2. I remember back in 97, Apple acquired NeXT software and thus 
>acquired the OPENSTEP 4.2 operating system. At the time I was running 
>OPENSTEP 4.2 (along with the ill-fated WebObjects) on a 
>Pentium II box, 
>and running NEXTSTEP 3.3 User on a NeXTStation Mono Slab. Around that 
>time, Apple started work on rhapsody - their next generation OS. I was 
>under the assumption that rhapsody (and later darwin) was basically an 
>OPENSTEP derivative with a brand new graphics layer. Its obvious to 
>anybody who uses OS X currently, and who used to use OPENSTEP 4.2. In 
>OS X, the app NetInfo is strikingly similar to the NetInfo app in 
>NEXTSTEP/OPENSTEP. A ps -ax lists a whole bunch of processes that are 
>also strikingly similar between the two. The there are things like 
>WebObject which came from OPENSTEP 4.2, Objective-C framework 
>which was 
>present back in NEXTSTEP versions.
>I was under the impression that OS X was a derivative of OPENSTEP - 
>which means from a kernel standpoint it is NOT BSD and NOT System V, 
>rather it is a MACH kernel (which sort of is a BSD kernel derivative). 
>Apple scraped the graphics layer and made their own. And this is where 
>the BSD connection comes in, Apple scraped OPENSTEP's TCP/IP and opted 
>to use the one from FreeBSD - which is the best!
>The problem is I hear things from people, and I read things from 
>prominent sources, that completely make no sense. Things like:
>OS X is FreeBSD
>OS X is BSD Unix
>Apple uses the FreeBSD kernel
>And today I got a security email from WatchGuard (the crapy firewall 
>people) with the statement:
>"With OS X, Apple changed the core of its operating system to 
>a version 
>Unix known as BSD."
>Then colleges of mine read that, and they come to me and say, 
>"Hey, did 
>ya hear? Apple uses FreeBSD"
>Its driving me nuts, when are people going to get things straight? Or 
>am I completely off base here?!
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