[nycbug-talk] Hardware Whereto

Isaac Levy ike
Tue Apr 13 01:52:23 EDT 2004

On Apr 13, 2004, at 1:27 AM, Isaac Levy wrote:

> To this thread, please recommend your trusted local spots for goods, 
> big and small.

I live and work in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and there's 3 places nearby 

Mikey's Hookup
218 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
- Lots of general Audio/Visual stuff, Blank Media, Cables galore, 
Harddrives, accessories.  Doesn't sell straight computers- but just 
about everything else that computer and mechanical-creative folks go 
through, gas station of sorts, and quite handy.  (They have guitar 
strings, usb keys, and printer cartridges all on the same shelf...).

B-Z John Computer
6 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn
Gamers, and 'family machines, Brooklyn style'.  Right up near the 
Polish main-drag in Greenpoint, these guys build mad machines while you 
wait, have a HEALTHY selection of graphics cards, and have all your 
common commodity PC components in stock.  Good guys to have around- and 
nice too.

There's one more new place in Williamsburg- near Grand and 
Metropolitan- really nice guys who just opened their shop, but I've 
lost their card and will have to clean my desk to find it.  Will post 
later...  They build PC's, and seem to be the sweet kind of guys I'd 
like my sister to marry- (which worries me, perhaps...)

General Computer Service, NYC
(212) 594-1074
5th Floor, 10 W. 37th
We used to get servers built by these guys several years ago.  Cheap, 
cleanly assembled, rackmount hardware.  No frills.  I've never been 
inside, but they do take-out style orders, or, call for a server, and 
they'll have it delivered, (like a pizza).

That's my tiny list for now... None if these folks really sell bulk 
cat-5 though. :(


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