[nycbug-talk] Hardware Whereto

PUTAMARE jeffknight
Tue Apr 13 10:40:02 EDT 2004

On Apr 13, 2004, at 1:36 AM, Pete Wright wrote:
> in a pinch i'll use DataViz at 445 5th Ave.

You must have plenty of surplus cash & not mind being lied to your 
face. That place is like a bottom-end used car dealership, before I 
stopped going altogether, I always felt like I needed a shower after a 

For buying hardware, for price, selection and consumer protection I 
almost always shop online.
is a favorite (they're even starting to advertise on busses), and their 
ground shipping is in NYC in two or three days, quite fast. I've also 
just started using
Some of their stuff is even cheaper than newegg, but it takes a week to 
get here. Then for cables & media it is hard to beat
but again, you're going to have to wait about a week for ground 

If you absolutely have to have it today, try Chips & Tech around the 
corner from Data Vision on 39th Between 5th & 6th. They have a lot of 
suff, and connectors and adapters that DataVis won't. Their prices are 
a crap shoot. Sometimes they're great and sometimes they're not.

As far as a box of cat-5 goes, have you tried Home Depot?

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