[nycbug-talk] The truth about Cat6

Harold Bush theotherbush
Tue Apr 20 20:39:12 EDT 2004


I suggest that you deploy Cat5e (350MHz). This will carry 1Gb Ethernet quite 

IMHO 10GB (requring higher bandwidth cable) will be used mostly for 
aggregating (servers to switches with 10Gb server ports and 1Gb workstation 
ports); unless you're into video??  I may be pulling some Cat6e in the near 
future and could perhaps provide a partial spool after the job is complete. 
How much cable do you estimate that you need? If you go ahaead with Cat6/6e 
you will need to terminate with Cat6 product in the workarea. I have used 
Cat6/6e on a Cat 5e job to exceed the 100meter length restriction on utp 
ethernet with success, although this is out of spec it tested ok (in case 
your pulling a home run beyond the 100 meter).

If you need sources for (priced right quality) cable and termination product 
let me know and I'll be glad to help.

BTW I strongly recommend CommScope cable and Panduit or Siemon termination 
in the workarea.
(I don't want to start a Ford/Chevy debate these are my personal choices and 
I acknolwedge that others prefer AMP etc.) ;-)

If you have any other questions or need assitance feel free to e-mail me 
directly for a phone number.

Harold Bush
Chief Technologist
digitalBRANDS ?

>From: Isaac Levy <ike at lesmuug.org>
>To: NYC Bug List <talk at lists.nycbug.org>
>Subject: [nycbug-talk] The truth about Cat6
>Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 10:11:41 -0400
>Hey all,
>Had a quick question for all the networking hardcores on this wire-
>I'm gonna be running some ethernet around my home office and am wondering 
>if the double price of Cat6 is worthwhile, seeing as all the cheap gigabit 
>switches out there state they'll work aok with Cat5 etc...
>Context: I'm a web app developer and have lots of dev servers floating in 
>and out of here, gigabit nics in most things I touch- and now I have a need 
>to run ethernet in here, and don't want to make a dumb choice if Cat6 
>really is important.. (I don't wanna replace cables in 2 yrs...)
>Anybody have any good opinion or experience?
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