[nycbug-talk] Survey for upcoming 'Hacking iBook'

Pete Wright pete
Wed Apr 21 09:45:14 EDT 2004

Isaac Levy wrote:

> Hi Sunny, All,
> So it looks like my survey for questions for my shared lecture 
> triggered quite a sharp spike in this thread, and an interesting and 
> age-old discussion about apples.
> I'll respond below, but I'm gonna' ask that if everyone wants to 
> continue this discussion, please start a new thread, or go offlist if 
> it gets firey, as this direction has sharply cut the amount of great 
> questions we were getting before in prep for the upcoming discussion 
> (btw thx for everyone who posted questions!!! Post More!!!).

thanks ike, now i can take off my asbestos pants and gloves ;^)   
another thing that might be fun is checking out fink on OSX.  dunno know 
if you already had that planned tho...


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