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michael lists
Mon Aug 2 12:37:13 EDT 2004

On Mon, 2 Aug 2004 12:05:44 -0400
G.Rosamond <george at sddi.net> wrote:

> Wonder if g4u can use ssh/scp. . .time to RTFM. . .

5.8 Can you add feature XXX?

      I got requests for adding many features to g4u:

          o using TFTP
          o using SSH/scp
          o using NFS
          o adding a X or curses based GUI
          o writing images to CDROM / deployment from CDROM
          o support for PCMCIA/CardBus
          o bzip2 compression 

      The problem with them is all the same: they need space, and there
is already too little on the floppy due to the many drivers contained on
it. Suggestions on what drivers to remove are welcome. Moving away from
floppy to CD-only distribution is not an option for me at this point,


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