[nycbug-talk] where to find vt220 terminal keyboard?

Kit Halsted kit
Wed Aug 4 14:36:25 EDT 2004

Hey Ike:

I got a keyboard from eBay for the VT-320 I found on the street. Then 
I had lots of fun trying to dig up an MMJ connector so I could wire 
up a serial cable, followed by several lessons on the difference 
between modern terminal emulators & not-so-modern terminals... What 
the Sparc 4 expected when set to VT-100 & what the VT-320 spat out in 
VT-100 mode were pretty different. It was kinda fun, but I ended up 
using a Keyspan USB<->Serial dongle to hook my PowerBook up to serial 
on the Sun so I could copy & paste.


At 3:19 AM -0400 8/4/04, Isaac Levy wrote:
>Hi all,
>I just snagged a DEC vt220 terminal for 20 bucks- but it doesn't 
>have a keyboard- (and no usb port either <g>) - does anyone know 
>where I can get a keyboard for this thing on the cheap?

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