[nycbug-talk] Future Meeting: AMP on BSD

Pete Wright pete
Thu Aug 5 11:09:20 EDT 2004

Hans Zaunere wrote:

>Hi all,
>I'll be giving a presentation on AMP (Apache/MySQL/PHP) running under
>BSD on Sept. 1st.  I wanted to ping this list to get some feedback about
>what general topics I should cover.
>Installation and configuring?  From source?  From ports?
>Writing a simple application?  Installing pre-written applications?
>What do people want to learn about... any feedback would be appreciated.
    I've seen several "helper" applications out there that use the GD 
library to draw graphs to represent statistics dynamicly in PHP (for 
example a bacula web frontend has just been released that will draw 
pretty bar graphs of how much data was backed up last night, etc).  So 
that would be interesting for me, if you were going to show a demo of 
building an app.  Secure php/mysql coding practices is also something 
that may of interest to people as well.


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