[nycbug-talk] Future Meeting: AMP on BSD

Hans Zaunere hans
Thu Aug 5 16:29:43 EDT 2004

> >>  From an OpenBSD-centric position, I'd be interested in hearing
> >> installing pre-written applications inside the chroot'ed
> >> In a large app, finding all the dependencies can be tricky - any
> >> or techniques?  What about programs that use the mail() function -
> >> there a way to support this without installing a shell inside the
> >> chroot?  Any other functions that don't play nicely?

Again, security is a top choice... noted.

As far as running in a chroot, there's not much you can do... by nature
of a chroot, dependencies need to be within the new root.  That said,
security is always an important concern, and something I'll cover.


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