[nycbug-talk] last nights's nycebug meeting

George Georgalis george
Thu Aug 5 17:22:07 EDT 2004

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 04:02:21PM -0500, Pete Wright wrote:
>George Georgalis wrote:
>>Hi all
>>great meeting last night, not to mention the following 6 hrs of
>>drinking and belligerence -- well pointless arguments at least.
>>True to open spirit, I'm sending links to the via boards, as asked.
>>I've most recently setup an EPIA M10000, looks like the new ML has a
>>better integrated video, the CL has two net interfaces for firewalls. I
>>chose via because the board runs at 17 watts, while providing 1Ghz
>>cpu, 266 Mhz memory bus, a quiet fan and all integrated components,
>>including 1394 firewire, 2 133 ata controllers, 5 channel audio (or
>>spdif), video in/out and dedicated hardware for decoding DVDs (XFree86
>>supports it). No serial boot, but net-booting is in bios and from
>>there your kernel can give serial access. My setup is with a $25 sata
>>controller and $130, 160Gb sata drive. And I use the http://idotpc.com
>>"ITX-PC Aluminum 200W Silent Cube" which looks much nicer than the
>>picture. 8x8x12" Is small, yet I have 2 disks in there in addition to
>>full size cdrom -- it's all quiet and cool. I'm getting 42-50MB/sec
>>in disk benchmarks. I've heard of people using striped raid sata for
>>100Mb/sec video capture. Oh, the cpu is new arch but PII/mmx compatible.
>i am sorta familiar with these boards, are they mini-atx form factor by 
>any chance?  These would make a hell of a thin client or X terminal eh?

well yes, and or multimedia jukebox. they look about twice the size of
the Soekris boards and require separate memory modules (upto 1 GB). the
600Mhz CL has two net interfaces, fanless cpu, dvd decoder and can be
run with 12v powersupply.

They were designed for kiosk / automotive / POS (point of sale, credit
card processing) applications. Hobbiest put them in everything from Mac
SE cases to cigar boxes, http://mini-itx.com/

the next gen north bridge is designed to support GB ethernet, which
could bring thin clients to the 5 channel audio, HDTV world...

// George

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